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Welcome to 365MX Tenerife

The #1 Offroad Experience in Europe

365MX Tenerife the number 1 in europe for motocross buggycross and offroad academy

The Dreamland of Motorsport and Fun

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Motocross Rental

We have the right solution for you
First time - professional
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Our high quality dirtbikes & protection clothes are fully prepared for every customer. We select the bikes for all levels and age. Depend on your target, we decide togehter which bike fitted perfect for you.
From Electric to 450ccm. We provide everything.


Husqvarna FC 350 in front of the company 365MX
Our professional Academy


an exhilarating and physically demanding sport, necessitates a combination of physical stamina, mental focus, technical skill, and an unwavering passion for motocross. As riders navigate demanding offroad tracks, conquer awe-inspiring gravity-defying jumps, and push themselves to their limits, their pursuit of victory becomes an adrenaline-fueled journey.


demands a unique combination of endurance, technical expertise, mental resilience, and an unwavering love for the sport, as riders tackle rugged terrains, conquer natural obstacles, and navigate through long-distance challenges, pushing their limits to embrace the ultimate adventure on two wheels.


requires a blend of skill, versatility, adaptability, and an unyielding spirit of exploration, as riders traverse diverse landscapes, conquer uneven terrain, overcome obstacles, and embrace the raw freedom that comes with venturing off the beaten path, forging unforgettable experiences in the untamed wilderness.

Security Training Offroad & Driving License prep.

You want to get a motorcycle license? With us, you can make your first riding attempts with professional trainers who will quickly teach you the right techniques to complete your lessons quickly and save a lot of money. If you can ride offroad, you can ride anything!

One Academy for ALL Offroad sports on Tenerife

45,00 €

Unleash the Thrill

Worldwide unique

Are you looking for a unique and exhilarating experience in Tenerife? Then BUGGYCROSS is perfect for you. From the age of 12, you can drive a 180cc buggy like a go-kart on an off-road race track, and feel the rush of adrenaline like never before.

    Fun 4 Everyone with electric power

    is the beginning of Motocross. We designed a special track and our bikes are easy to handle like a bicycle. GO-Cross is for everyone, they wnt to taste the sport or have a ultimate experience with electric power dirtbikes.

    3 Tracks on 100.000 qm²
    Our Area & Official int. Racetrack

    Safety  is our top priority. Especially for kids and beginners, it is very important that they start in a safe area. Our area has a chill-out zone and everything you need to enjoy the days and ride.

    Our oficial international Motocross Track  San Miguel de Abona in Tenerife south has a distance from 1.500m / 8m bright, complete watered, once in a week shaped and is the only one in Tenerife.

    We have 3 Track`s including a flat handling Area.

    Grandstands / spectator Area for min 500 People.

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    Shower & Bathroom

    Everyone is Welcome
    Equipped with high quality protection
    Our protection equipment

    With our High quality protection & gear in cooperation with ONEAL RACING. Safety first is our claim. We have Socks, Boots, Pants, jerseys, chest protection, kneeguards, ellbowguards, neck braces, helmets, goggles, gloves and many more.

    "We create Memories for your life"
    365 Days of learning and fun
    Brands and Partners
    We Closely Cooperate With Selected Brands to Ensure High Quality Equipment