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Electric Moto Adventure Tour Tenerife

Explore Tenerife with an electric moto for the best Adventure Tour

  • 100% Fun & 100% Adventure

    Explore the best spots on Tenerife in a unique way

  • 100% Fun & 100% Adventure

    Explore the best spots on Tenerife in a unique way

  • 100% Fun & 100% Adventure

    Explore the best spots on Tenerife in a unique way

  • 100% Fun & 100% Adventure

    Explore the best spots on Tenerife in a unique way

Explore the best spots on Tenerife
in a unique way

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know

Our electric Moto Adventure Tour on Tenerife by 365MX is for everybody, who would like to experience an adventure with an offroad bike. ZERO emissions and ZERO noise to enjoy the ride with a lot of FUN on the most popular places on Tenerife.

Do I need a driving licence or license?

You need a normal car licence. Kids need a license to ride a max. 49ccm Bike / 50 km/h

Do I need experience?

Our Bikes are easy to handle like a bicycle. Max. 50 km/h

Clothes & Equipment

From us:  You get a Helmet, Knee & Ellbow protectors.
You need:  Shorts & T-shirt or pullover and minimum sneakers

Are we riding fast?

We making a adventure sightseeing tour in offroad terrains.

How it works?

1. Book in your Agency or directly here
2. You will get an answer immediately via whats app or email
3. We will pick you up at the hotel / You come to our meeting point with your own vehicle
4. You get a briefing / Bike test
5. We drive with our shuttle to the starting point (30 minutes)
6. You get protection clothes when you want
7. We start the Tour (2 Hours)
8. We bring you back to the meeting point or Hotel (30 minutes)
9. You need 3-4 Hours
10. Our slots: 09:00 - 13:00 / 13:00 - 17:00

Meeting point

We have a shuttle service.
You can also come with your own car. San Miguel de Abona

Select your tour

Ghosttown 99,00 €

About the place

This was a leper colony that never came to be.

The idea had taken root toward the twilight of the Spanish Civil War. This arid, windswept stretch of Tenerife's east coast had been deemed the perfect locale for housing Spain's lepers during a time when the disease ran rampant, with nearly 200 cases on Tenerife alone. No one lived here; the major population centers lay to the north. It was conveniently out of sight.

The plan was to build a village colony, to be overseen by Franco's military. Everything was nearly in place... just as scientists uncovered Dapsone, a groundbreaking drug that revolutionized treatment and reshaped the world for those suffering from leprosy. The leper colony became an obsolete concept.

Now it stands in stoic silence above Abades, a ghostly town with houses, barracks, and structures that appeared custom-made for shops that were never to be. There are broken beds in small chambers, exposed wires, and graffiti that defiled the buildings.

Navigating its deserted avenues and labyrinthine corridors feels akin to stumbling into a scene from "The Walking Dead." As for what transpires here after nightfall, I cannot say, nor do I harbor any intentions of finding out, even though it occasionally serves as a venue for raves; not everything here is eerie.

3 Hours
6 People

Our Electric Bikes & Equipment for the Tour on Tenerife

  • SUR-RON Light Bee

    is a easy to handle E-Bike with 3KW and maximum 50 km/h. You have a ECO Mode to ride extremly easy and a power mode to have a little bit more fun. You can ride it with your normal car licence or kids with a scooter licence max. 49ccm³

  • Body Protection

    normaly, we don`t need protection because we will not racing. But safety is king! You get Knee, Ellbow protecton, gloves, goggle and of course a helmet.

  • Fabian & Ivan

    Our experienced guides are there to assist you with everything.

"We create Memories for your life"

Learn more in our Offroad Academy
Offroad academy 365MX
You are infected?

If you want to know more about the sports Motocross, Enduro, Adventure and co, visit our Offroad Academy in Tenerife or online. Even if you already have offroad experience, together we can improve your skills.